Empirical MDE

The EAMDE project applied social science methods to understand industrial adoption of model-driven software development. It begain as a 12 month funded project, but then took on a life of its own in subsequent years, despite the lack of external funding. It resulted in a number of publications in top conferences and journals, around fifteen keynote presentations at major international conferences, a tutorial at the MODELS 2015 conference, and the creation of a large industrial network of thirty companies.

In EAMDE, we originally carried out a survey of over 450 software practitioners, interviewed 22 software professionals from 17 different companies representing 9 different industrial sectors, and carried out on-site observational studies within companies. A follow-up collaboration with Chalmers University in Gothenburg added a further 20 interviews carried out over 3 companies.

EAMDE was the first industry-wide study on adoption of model-driven development.

The slides from my MODELS 2015 tutorial are available for download.